My Story

Northwest Indiana native - I have a Bachelor's of Science in Business and Marketing from Purdue University with a minor in Spanish. I have been creating marketing and graphic design solutions for more than 10 years. I have most recently graduated with honors from Indiana University Northwest where I received a PBC in Graphic Design and Computer Info Systems. Over the years, I have helped create successful marketing plans, dynamic websites, and have branded companies in addition to freelance design work. I love to remain busy, so when I'm not working or designing, I am out enjoying nature and music, volunteering within the community, and spending time with family and friends.

Our Approach

Contrary to popular belief, simple and clean design is the ultimate sophistication. "CSS" isn't just a programming term anymore, it also stands for creative, simple, and sophisticated. That is how I feel effective design should be.  After your initial needs assessment, wire-frame mock ups will be presented to ensure your design is crisp and visually appealing. Every website is then created with the most sophisticated design software available and tested on every platform to ensure responsiveness.

Our Design Philosophy

Graphic design is more to me than art. It has a job to do. It's all about communication. Graphic design isn't the message but rather the vehicle which leads the viewer to and through the message.

Meet the Force Behind the Team

Passion and talent makes us unique in every sense.

amanda doppler

Amanda Doppler

Founder & Head Designer

max floof

Max Floof

Vice President




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